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Sexual Health Blog

  • Let’s Talk About Lube: Fiction Versus the Facts

    4th Jun 2019

    Let’s Talk About Lube: Fiction Versus the Facts

    Imagine, two people are about to have sex. One person asks their partner “Do you have lube?” The second person scrambles to find “lube” in their bathroom, only to come back with a bottle of lotion or…

    Published by Eve Parker

  • In The News

    23rd Mar 2019

    In The News

    Amor Oral was recently written about as one of the semi-finalists for Rice Universities Veteran Business Battle. This Start-Up Competition will take place on April 12-13, 2019 in Houston Texas.See the…

    Published by Sean Johnson

  • Paraben Free Personal Lubricants

    1st Dec 2018

    Paraben Free Personal Lubricants

    Always make sure that your lubes are paraben free. Studies have shown that some parabens can mimic the activity of the hormone estrogen in the body’s cells, and while estrogenic activity is associ…

    Published by Karen B Good

  • pH Neutral Flavored Lubricants

    23rd Nov 2018

    pH Neutral Flavored Lubricants

    OUR NATURAL pHOur body, including vaginas and rectums need to be near or close to pH neutral because they are home to a delicate range of microorganisms and tissues perform vital tasks. pH plays a…

    Published by Karen B Good

  • Food Grade Edible Lube

    19th Nov 2018

    Food Grade Edible Lube

    Our goal is to be edible. So all of our ingredients are 100% food grade. Enjoy all of our flavors in any way you choose.What makes an ingredient food grade?Food grade ingredients comply with the Food…

    Published by Karen B Good