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​7 Ways to Spice Up Your Foreplay

​7 Ways to Spice Up Your Foreplay

Posted by Allison on 22nd Jul 2020

Foreplay, the true appetizer before the main course, is all that stuff you do before you get down and dirty with your partner. If you feel like you are in a foreplay slump or that the same old same old is just not doing it for you, here are seven new foreplay options to add to your repertoire.


Talk about what you want. The best kind of foreplay is to start it earlier in the day. Send your honey a saucy text (or email) telling them what you want to do to them (or vice versa) when you see them next. You could even spread it out throughout the day – sending little flirty messages to get them thinking about it all day.

Dirty talk could go along with talking about what you want throughout the day, but you could also just wait and do it all in person when your partner gets home. Sometimes catching them off guard is a fun way to get them in the mood – and could make it hotter and heavier with it being so sporadic.

Ladies, throw on some sexy lingerie. It is the simplest way to get your partner revving their engines. Plus, it makes you feel sexier too.

If you and your partner tend to not spend much time on foreplay, take a little extra time on it. Set a timer and see how long you both can go before giving in to your desires.

If you are a more submissive person, try being the aggressor. Initiate foreplay before your partner does. Take them by surprise and show that you can take control. If you are more of the aggressive one in the relationship try to take a step back and be more submissive – give your partner some control. Show them that you are a team player on both ends.

Go old school and find a place to park and just make out with your honey in the back of the car. If it gets too hot and heavy you could stop and enjoy the anticipation of getting home and tearing each other’s clothes off. Or if you are more adventurous than that, have it out in your car.

Of course, the most obvious would be to simply role play. Pick a name, create a background, and meet your partner at a location and pretend like you are meeting each other for the first time. Vine and Reese’s characters chose different names and had different backgrounds to make it a little bit more interesting. Don’t disclose any information to your partner prior, just the location you will meet at and an estimation of what time. As you begin you can slowly reveal parts of your characters story – not only does it make it fun but it also shows your partner a new and creative side that they may not have known or seen before that could definitely get them more intrigued and turned on.

Go out there and get your foreplay on!