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​Choosing the right lube for you and your partner

​Choosing the right lube for you and your partner

Posted by Allison on 29th Apr 2020

Choosing the right lube for you and your partner

So, you’re thinking about adding lube to your sexual escapades but don’t know which one to choose. Have no fear! We are here to help you explore those options! Lube used to be considered more of a necessity for older women who have gone through “the change” and need the extra “wetness”. But the truth is that we could all use a little more lube in our lives! It eliminates that uncomfortable friction and enhances your sexual experiences. If you choose a flavored lube, it also adds a little more allure to your adventures.

As you dip your toe into the world of lubes, the best first step to start out your exploration is with water-based lubes. It is known as the more versatile personal lubricant because it can be used in practically any activity you can think of. It can be used for all your sexual needs from penetrative sex, masturbation, oral sex and even adult toy playtime. Water-based lubricants are also perfect for people with sensitive skin or those with higher risk of vaginal irritation. You can also use it with condoms and sex toys! They are super easy to clean out of sheets and clothes, and won’t leave any stains. However, water-based lubes are not good for water-play as it will easily wash away since they are water soluble. For those super long love making marathons, you will want to plan on adding more lube through the fun experience to maintain your ‘wetness’.

Using a personal lubricant is great for anal sex. Water-based lubricants decrease the chances of condom breakage while having anal sex. But make sure to apply it to the outside of the condom!

The biggest advantage to water-based lube is that they are PERFECT for oral sex! No one wants to taste nonedible silicone while licking every inch of their partner but splash a little flavored water-based lube onto your partner and it will intensify the experience for you both. Not only is your sense of touch heightened but also your senses of smell and taste.

Silicone-based lube is super slippery, long lasting and is ideal for those much longer sessions. Silicone usually requires less application and re-application - perfect for shower sex or masturbation in the shower as they do not wash away easily. Silicone-based lubes are a bit more tedious to wash off, so you definitely have to use soap and water to clean up afterward. Silicone-based lubes can sometimes stain sheets (among other items like carpet and even hardwood floors). This type of lube cannot be used with any silicone-based sex toys because they can break down the rubber over time. Though you can pair plastic, glass, and steel sex toys with silicone-based lubes.

Now that you have a little bit more information on both water- and silicone-based lubes, go out there and have some super fun lubricated sex!