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Food Grade Edible Lube

Food Grade Edible Lube

Posted by Karen B Good on 19th Nov 2018

Our goal is to be edible. So all of our ingredients are 100% food grade. Enjoy all of our flavors in any way you choose.

What makes an ingredient food grade?

Food grade ingredients comply with the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC), which is a compendium of internationally recognized monograph standards and tests for the purity and quality of food ingredients, e.g., antimicrobial preservatives, flavors, coloring agents, and minerals.

Why is this important?

All ingredients used in Amor Oral Personal Lubricant products are 100% food-grade. That means the ingredients are edible and more importantly, the ingredients contain less than 0.1% bacteria, as compared to up to 30% bacteria in cosmetic grade ingredients. Wow! That is also reason why cosmetic grade products have to include harsh preservatives to kill off harmful bacteria and mold. In contrast, food grade ingredients are absolutely safe when used in personal lubricants. Amor Oral flavored lubes are edible to be enjoyed with all of your adult oral pleasures.